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Motorcycle Cancer Seat Shield

Motorcycle Cancer Seat Shield

A man named Randall Dale Chipkar is selling an EMF shield designed to be fitted inside a motorcycle seat.

“EMF” stands for electromagnetic field. He claims that EMFs can cause cancer, and that motorcycles are emitting enough of these EMFs to put riders in danger. His EMF shield can be fitted inside a motorcycle seat to provide riders with “peace of mind”.

In fact, Chipkar authored a book entitled, “MOTORCYCLE CANCER? Are motorcycles KILLING US with cancers of the prostate, colon, kidney, bone, etc?”, where he documents cases of riders whom he met diagnosed with cancer, and which he claims were victims of their own motorcycles.

“All of these riders had extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation shooting up from their motorcycle seats into their lower torso”, Chipkar says. “Some readings were 100 times higher than what can be considered as acceptable exposure.”

Chipkar goes on to say that governments and industry leaders are in denial over motorcycle-based EMFs so as to not create panic.

Starting at $1,000.00

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