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Napoleon Dynamite Doll

Napoleon Dynamite Doll

Need something really cool on your desk that no one else in the office has? Then get the new Napoleon Dynamite Doll.

The new talking doll speaks 18 different lines from the movie, “Napoleon Dynamite”. In fact, the maker of the doll claims that it talks more than most dolls on the market. Press a button on its sound platform and he says stuff like, “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!” or “You guys are retarded!”, or the classic, “I caught you a delicious bass”.

Wearing faded blue jeans, a “Vote For Pedro” tee-shirt, and some classic but cool moon boots, the Napoleon Dynamite doll is ready to strut some sweet dance moves in office cubicles across the country.

The doll is the creation of Jay Kamhi, who got the idea after he took his two daughters to see the movie. They begged him to create a talking doll of the film’s quirky main character.

“I had emailed Jared Hess, the film’s director, and asked him if he would mind if I created a talking doll,” says Kamhi. “The next day I received a reply from him saying he thought it was a great idea.”

Kamhi enlisted the help of former NASA engineer Steve Chen to produce quality sound, and noted sculptor Paul Brooke to capture the essence of the Napoleon Dynamite character.

Only $150.00

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